“A joy that’s shared is a joy made double,”
But over-sharing’s just asking for trouble.
Sharing good news might not be a crime,
But be more careful when you post online…

How lovely to see someone else is engaged,
Even though they are half of my age!
Well can you believe it, the very next day,
The engagement is off – she found out he’s gay!
Comments are loading, their besties are writing,
While silent “friends” sit back and watch the fighting.
She’s clearly upset and needed to vent,
But was Facebook the best place to share this event?

Elsewhere the black & white baby scans load,
But I can’t really see it – (it looks like a toad).
The “likes” pour in, the insta pic blessed,
While I clearly require another eye test.
Roll on 3 years and a thousand more pics,
Of their darling cherub learning new tricks,
But did they really need to share with us all,
The consistency of their little boy’s stool?

Other posts can be equally bleak,
Like the grumbles about a tough working week.
Unless we’re your colleagues, we don’t really care
About who stole your lunch or your comfy desk chair.
Though it is less boring when you start to complain
Of your manager being an “almighty pain”,
When Monday arrives you’ll soon be regretting
The failure to check out your privacy setting…

So please beware all: When over-sharing,
Social media is not very caring.
The next time you want to vent or boast,
Remember to Think before you Post.


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