I got one thing on my mind; Automatic High!


I’m having one of those crazy days today. I’m sure you have them too right? Not crazy busy stressful but crazy lost my marbles. It’s Sunday, the day of rest, and that’s exactly how I’ve been spending it – resting, kind of. Now I’ve been sat on my computer for a few too many hours listening to Justin Bieber (I know, I’m ashamed, but it’s love and can’t be helped) and the pre-teen naivety is obviously getting to me. I really want to spend the rest of my day playing Sims and dancing to S-Club. And eating rainbow drops. Because sure none of these are productive ways for a 19-year-old to spend her Sunday afternoon, but there’s no debate over how much FUN I can have doing such ridiculously childish things!

And that bought me to the subject – Has anybody seen how much the lesser known S Club Juniors have changed?! Sure Frankie and Rochelle made it in The Saturdays, but I was more interested in the whereabouts of my personal favourite Aaron Renfree. Yes I’m talking about my big celebrity crush back when I was about 10 years old, I’m pleased to say he’s even better looking now. I’m sure you might expect more intellectual blogging from an English Undergraduate, but for now that can wait for a brief moment of Aaron Renfree appreciation.  Look. At. That. Body. *smoulder* If Justin Bieber goes through a Renfree-esque transformation, I’m sure all can be forgiven for admiring him now right?

I have to, erm, enjoy the rest of my evening now…

Over and out 😉



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