Diggin’ the drama queen

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a book. And when I say I’ve been trying, it’s actually just something that crosses my mind every now and again, usually when I’m lacking in sleep and feel the need to ‘sort my life out’ for the millionth time. But I can never really invent a decent enough plot to begin such an adventurous journey.


Well I can’t think of anything more dramatic than life itself. Sometimes I want to cut myself off from the world and go and sit high on a rock in the middle of some natural barren Wuthering Heights style setting. Cannock Chase may have to do. But would I be sitting on that wonderfully romantic rock to separate myself from the chaotic world that drives me to such despair? Or is it in fact to do the exact opposite?

By detaching myself from technology and consequently communication for a mere day or two (presuming I’m brave enough to part with my beloved Blackberry), I would hope that a panic would begin to arise concerning my whereabouts, and the drama queen inside me would claim what she was originally out to seek on those misty moors – attention.

And so in my sleepy state I come to conclude, there’s no point in sorting my life out. Someone possibly famous once said “live for the moment and don’t let the drama bring you down”. But the truth is, without said drama, what would be the point?

I love life the way it is.

Drama included.

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