“This world is made out of sugar”

As a student of English Literature my patience and passion is sometimes tested as text after text is thrown at me for in-depth analysis. Famous writers I’ve personally never heard of waffle on about very little, and I can find myself asking why on earth I thought an English degree would be an enjoyable experience. Yet just as I begin to question the derivation of my passion for literature, I come across another writer who truly inspires me. My most recent discovery was in fact a finding of my father’s. I was sceptical at first of the email I received from him. Composed of little more than a YouTube link and the comment “there is something quite powerful about this”, I was apprehensive of the video about to play before me, (far too many messages from my Dad are expressing his concern over an image or status he has found on Facebook), so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself falling in love with a fabulous spoken word poet not once mentioned in my degree.

And so I was reminded, that poetry doesn’t have to comprise of specific meter and rhyme patterns combined with imagery so extreme it becomes gibberish. I don’t need to listen to Sarah Kay five times to be able to translate what she’s trying to say, but what she does say I feel I can relate to more than many of the popular poets I study at university.

There is something quite powerful about this.

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