The Perils of the Jobless Woman

“WOE IS ME” I gasp and sigh,
Hitting “send” on the job application,
Proud that my CV contains not one lie,
Not any false representation.

I’m rather appalled to hear
That I’m seen as a lady of leisure –
As I don’t spend my days as a sightseer,
Or browsing the shops for lost treasure.

I’m not sat at home drinking tea,
Watching Netflix all day with my cat.
I can’t say my life is completely care-free
Or filled merely with idle chit-chat.

“Funemployment” isn’t that fun
When you have to stay in on your own,
Feeling guilty and bored of being sat on your bum,
Making time pass by cleaning your home…

Job-hunting is serious work
And sometimes it takes quite a while,
So please try your best not to be such a jerk,
Commenting on my “languid lifestyle”.

You don’t know how hard I’ve been trying!
I’m not just some slovenly slob,
Yet you do find it so satisfying
To repeatedly ask if I’ve not got a job.

It’s a challenging puzzle of life,
Discovering the perfect career,
But I stuck with the hunting, the struggle and strife,
And I’ve finally found reason to cheer!

Now I’m living the dream being employed,
Feeling thrilled with my productive day,
But though times have changed I’m still getting annoyed
By your point that the house wasn’t hoovered today.

And thus my conundrum brought itself to light-
For some reason you’re always aggrieved.
No matter my job, my one constant fight
Is impossible – keeping you pleased!

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