Father <3

How do you paint a perfect picture?

Open my primary school topic book and proudly placed on the very first page is a carefully deliberated sketch of father and daughter.

Probably more Picasso than Piranesi, but you had already taught me how to study the world through a viewfinder and etch away at the surface to excavate what’s important.

Big ears for listening and long legs, well, because nobody is taller than my Daddy. Fact.

The vivid imagination you shared with me spread from hand to mouth as we invented our own language that nobody else understands. Curious eavesdroppers haven’t a baldy and wonder if we’re bilingual or bonkers; I know we’re both.

And even when we choose to stick to English we remain inordinately inventive – only we know the fascinating truth about Fernando and his brick.

We may be hundreds of miles away from each other but we’ll always be on the same crazy planet, sticking together, the grass in the middle of the road.

Two great egits,
Madder than ever,
But always
Less than three.


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