A lovely message for that lovey dovey day…

Another romantic poem for you to enjoy…

“Valentine’s Day is a Pile of Poo.”

Valentine’s Day is a pile of poo,

I don’t care who’s in love with you.

Consumerist rubbish, that’s all it is.

Not a reason to get in a tizz.

What presents to buy? All flowers and hearts!

Full to the brim are your shopping carts.

Do forgive all my moans and my groans,

But I’m still slowly becoming the real Bridget Jones.

Eating my feelings until I’m so fat,

I’ve no-one to talk to except for my Cat.

So do me a favour, I really do plead –

Don’t post soppy crap onto my newsfeed.

Happy Singleton Awareness Day ❤

One thought on “A lovely message for that lovey dovey day…

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