There’s a lot to be said about a suitcase…

There’s a lot to be said about a suitcase.
Sure, it’s ‘just’ a bag, you say, a bigger bag than usual, so you’ve a little extra space.
But there’s far more than just space in my suitcase.
There might be a black hole or two, but I’ll have you know,
My case is humongous, ginormous, (it’s a portmanteau).
It opens into two equal parts, one reaching north, the other south,
Like the two halves of my heart.

It’s not just a travelling accessory.
Sometimes it’s been difficult to carry – my clothes are heavy, and sometimes so are the memories.
Sitting on it has often been necessary.
Trying desperately to close its mouth,
Compress the contents, make north meet south.
I am the zip, struggling to connect the two.
Tricky at times, but I haven’t broken yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I implore –
Yes it’s been tough for me, constantly travelling from door to door,
But that’s the beauty of a suitcase – it’s built to explore!
No matter how tough the trek, there’s a smile on my face,
Ready to discover a new favourite place,
Looking out for the light in the rain, the music of the train,
The grass in the middle of the road.Suitcase

So the next time you say it’s just a bag,
Take note of the name on the luggage tag –
‘N.G’, adventurer, must be mad,
Always between homes, her Mum and her Dad.




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