Valentine’s Virus

Roll up, roll up, it’s February.
The show’s about to begin.
There’s a chill in the air
That can be quite a scare,
So it’s just as well I’ve got thick skin.

Now there’s no need for antibiotics
Though it is a virus of sorts…
It’s a heart infestation
That’s sweeping the nation,
With outbreaks of gold and rose quartzIMG_4415

I’m not saying I’ve never enjoyed it,
Sure, a rose or two I’ve received.
But it’s never too long
’Til the colour is gone
And you suddenly feel quite deceived.

So be wary of Sunday the 14th,
Watch out for the blustering bae,
Or avoid all the gloom
And just hide in your room
Being thankful it’s only one day.

Happy Singleton Awareness Day ❤

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