‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the school
The students were desperate to do something cool;
Their work was complete and assessments were done,
So now they just wanted to do something fun.

The teachers were ready for two weeks away,
But first they just needed to get to Friday.
With a flu going round and their energy gone,
Was Wednesday too early to stick a film on?

When the warning bell went, my ears started ringing,
Then in came Year 7, and songs they were singing.
“Please stop all that racket!” I shouted like Scrooge,
The choir died down as my cheeks became rouge.

While the class all piled in and started to settle,
In the distance I heard the faint click of the kettle.
Alas, I’m now trapped! It boiled too late-
My next mug of coffee will just have to wait…

“It’s okay.” I attempted to keep myself calm,
But a nasty surprise only raised the alarm-
I opened up Google, and only saw- PANIC!
The internet’s down! The class will be manic!

The source of my “relevant” film was no more,
“That’s it, I’m leaving!” I stepped to the door,
But a glimmer of hope caught the side of my eye,
“Could it be?” Yes! A lone DVD I did spy!

Is it anything to do with this topic? Who cares!
A movie-less room is the stuff of nightmares.
What’s the objective? I started to think…
Can I ask them to list the thematic links?

To my shock it had worked, the class found some themes,
It was calm, it was quiet, the stuff of sweet dreams!
I sat on my chair and wheeled out of the way,
To do marking left over from some other day.

In what seemed like five minutes, the bell rang again,
So I jumped from my stupor and dropped my green pen.
“That was your last lesson!” I announced with some cheer,
“So have a great Christmas, I’ll see you next year!”

Just two get-ups left, just five classes to go,
And then I’ll stop praying and hoping for snow,
I’ll jump in my car and drive right out of sight,
Shouting “It’s Christmas! I’m on vodka tonight!”IMG_6189

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