‘Tis that treasured time of year
When hearts and flowers do appear,
Flooding displays all down the street,
“Without Love, Life’s incomplete!”

Without a partner, Feb is dreary
(Though Pancake Day is mildly cheery),
But is it better with a “bae”?
Or is it still a pointless day?

The Facebook posts are still too cheesy,
The gestures of love just make me feel queasy,
The heart-shaped toast is a bit more appealing –
Maybe it’s just Love of Food I am feeling?

Lying awake while the boyfriend is snoring,
My Instagram feed I continue exploring.
Red heart balloons again make me sigh,
But there is something lovely that catches my eye!

A red velvet cake with icing that’s oozing,
Has the power to stop the boyfriend from snoozing.
I have to agree it has caused sheer delight –
It’s simply amazing, it’s love at first sight!

My eyes fill with tears as I take in the view,
And frozen in frosting I mouth “I love you!”
The boy thinks that he is the source of my cravings,
But I just desire those white chocolate shavings!

Sorry my love, when it comes to “Amour”,
More cake is what I truly adore,
So forget the crap card and trying to flirt –
Just take me to Tesco’s and buy me dessert!

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