Poetry is…

Poetry is a vehicle for emotion.
It’s the private diary entry you feel a need to share.
Poetry is prose that refuses to stand still,
And dances into the night without a care.

Poetry can be clever and comical;
The jolliest rhyme in perfect time with the best punchline and-

Sometimes it stops you.

When you least expect it, it shocks you.

Poetry doesn’t follow rules.
Inside the box, outside the box, the poem is the box-
Housing a multitude of hidden messages,
Ready to be picked up and unlocked.

Poetry is dangerous.
It’s a powerful tool of manipulation.
Let that poem fall into the wrong hands,
And it could inspire the downfall of a nation.

Poetry drives us in different directions,
Into dreamworlds and away from despair.
Poetry is the method of communication
That’s bold and biting but also very fair.

Poetry is a state of matter,
Bringing meaning to idle chatter,
Making your brain a little bit fatter,
Poetry is a quiz.

In pride and relief you will basque,
When you complete that arduous task-

What is the meaning of life, you ask?
Poetry. Poetry is.


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