Stepping Stones (2009)

Footsteps leave a shallow path in sand, and are soon to be stolen,
Whisked away by the cold fingers of the wind.
In stone, however, they are there for an eternity.
Not even time can take them. They will stay
Embedded in perpetual stone, the footsteps tell a story,
A time of love between kind-hearted spirits.
Down the stone they ran from traditionalist ideas.
Nothing could prevent them. Their love would last
The footsteps created a twisted pattern of spinning circles,
Chasing and questioning their previous paths.
The stone was an elegant bow, cupid’s partner in crime.
Now its edges are rough. Fiercely malformed,
Eventually the winding trail of footsteps comes to an end,
The path is forced to split by a distant shadow.
The stone stops…
Into the alluring grasp of the murky waters,

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