The Show

We’re living in a world of deception,
Surrounded by embellished facades
That beckon us in or beg for attention.
Our eyes are easily tricked, persuaded to glance longingly in the right direction.

And yet we avoid amending our prescriptions.

Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power – and can “sweet” exist without presence of “sour”?
Nobody’s perfect, we all have our faults,
But covering them up makes you perfectly false.

A lie is only “kind” until it’s caught…

If you get close enough to count the scars on my heart, chances are you’ll add to the collection:
Recent visitors have paid entry in false promises and stepped over the boundary line, but security looks the other way.
Bare hands reach out,
The protective cloak disintegrating beneath their touch,
Exposing secrets to sunlight,
Whose harsh beams begin to bleach the dark cracks
before once again
the pieces

The gallery is closed for renovations.
Please, come back soon to see the recently restored fabrication.

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