Some of us are cursed over-doers.
We over-think, over-analyse, even over-feel.
Rest is replaced with stress as we deliberate over the “what-ifs”,
Questioning minor details until the whole world becomes surreal.

Over-doing isn’t always bad.
Sometimes we over-achieve, and that makes us over-the-moon!
We’re demeaned for being “over-sensitive” (like that’s going to help…),
But it’s true we don’t all have “the emotional range of a spoon”!

It’s been said I’m over-exuberant.
Over-excited, over-lively, over-the-top.
I’m over-zealous in celebration but I’m told to rein it in,
And just like that I’m over-ruled and my over-good mood must drop.

To be mocked for showing emotion,
Is like being accused of over-breathing.
It may be a pain for you when we’re stuck on the fence, indecisive,
But it’s because we’re over-cautious with other people’s feelings.

Resilience is built over time,
But til then we’ll oversee
And over-plan
So we’re over-prepared
For every eventuality that can fit in our overflowing mind.

And you thought you felt overwhelmed…

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