Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill
Went up a hill
To photograph the view.
Jill preferred nature
Over portraiture,
Which Jack had taken to.

While Jill admired trees
And the crisp autumn breeze,
Jack was not quite as elated.
He was hardly in awe
Of the things that they saw,
So he just became very frustrated.

Jack felt deprived
Til a lady arrived,
A much worthier picture of beauty.
He looked on open-mouthed
And was clearly aroused
By this captivating cutie.

Jill was not blind
And she had read Jack’s mind,
The contents of which were just rank.
Enough was enough,
So with a great huff,
She pushed dear old Jack down the bank.

The lady saw all,
And knew Jack didn’t fall,
But felt that she ought to keep hushed.
For if she had yelled
Of the sight she beheld
Then she too would likely be pushed.

The moral of the story is
When taking in a view,
Be sure you’ve got the right one
Or you might take a tumble too.

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