Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

“Good things come to those who wait”
And “Perseverance is key”.
These are the famous inspiring quotes
That were often repeated to me.

“Your time will come, don’t worry.”
“There’s no need to give up yet.”
Easy for them to say of course,
But they got there much faster, I bet.

Yet I carried on, albeit slowly,
Sensing no end to my plight,
When all of a sudden, out of the blue –
All that I craved was in sight!

Few things compare to the comfort and joy
That I felt as I saw you appear.
The long wait I had was all worth it of course,
Now that you’re finally here.

When I look at your face I’m elated,
And I smile at you with such glee,
Then I squeeze your sides tightly to save this sweet moment…
“You’ve got a new PB!”

Happy Valentine’s Day x

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