That Fuzzy Feeling

I feel it’s time for me to bare my soul:
Few things in life affect me like you do.
Without you in my world there’s just a hole,
That won’t be fixed with any superglue.

I cannot bear the thought of any day
In which our paths would not be forced to meet.
You bring me joy, and yes, I’d even say
You know just how to get me on my feet.

You fill me up with warmth, put me at ease,
I’m yet to find I’m tired of your smell,
And though this may be forward, if you please,
I must say that you taste quite nice as well…

The buzz I get when you first touch my lips,
Starts small then spreads like wildfire through my veins.
And though you’ll never answer to my quips,
I’ve found my endless love for you remains.

It’s true; too much of you can make me sick,
Yet every morning I just want you back.
So desperate to feel another kick…
I turn to you to gain the high I lack.

And so, who caused this craze I have depicted?
Not who, but what
It’s coffee.
I’m addicted.

☕️ ❤️

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