‘Twas the Week Before Summer

’Twas the week before Summer, and under the desk
Hid an overworked teacher; her hair in a mess.
She clutched her green pens and looked on weary-eyed:
“Only eighty-three papers to go”, she sighed.

Surrounded by paperwork she slowly drowned,
But suddenly there was a nightmarish sound!
From her skin she did jump, BANG! the desk hit her head,
“Oh why can I not just go home to my bed?”

Her hand flew straight up to her brow – it did hurt,
But that sound was the sound of an email alert!
She grabbed hold of her mug, took a shot of caffeine,
And forced her tired gaze t’wards the computer screen.

“Oh sh-ugar” she said, “we’ll add those to the queue.”
The screen flashed again and the inbox did fill,
With enough tiresome tasks to make one feel ill.

As the emails flew in, she was deafened once more,
The school bell had screamed through her shut classroom door.
She raised up her wrist and read the time in shock,
“Surely it can’t be – it’s only 11 o’clock!”

She left her desk-cave and abandoned her marking,
For outside her hyper Year 8 class were barking,
“I’m tired”, “I’m thirsty”, “I’ve had too much sun”,
“I’ve had enough of this Miss”, “Are we doing something fun?”

Whilst abandoning work certainly had appeal,
The threat of a chaotic classroom was real.
“Not today,” she replied, “we’ve still five lessons left!”
As expected, all faces looked hurt and bereft.

The work was a struggle, motivation was low,
But the lesson went on, even painfully slow.
Alas, halfway through came the sound of that thud,
That winds up all teachers and boils their blood,

The culprit looked up and with that lost his grip,
Thus failing to land just one more bottle-flip.
The tired teacher awoke and approached at full throttle,
Arrived at the desk and took hold of the bottle.

No words were spoken – the student knew his sin,
The half-empty bottle was thrown in the bin.
Only 5 minutes left – we’re on to a winner!
Just one flipper dealt with, and no fidget-spinner!

The bell rings again; the class are dismissed with glee,
What a shame it only marked the end of Period 3…


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