Once upon a time, there was a nuclear family.
Perhaps it was named after nuclear power,
A steady glow of energy, gently whirring away for a couple of years until-
Nuclear bomb: the same energy, but destructive.
Happy memories are scattered across the streets we once took walks down,
Prized possessions quickly stashed into bin liners and thrown into the boot of a car.
We must uproot, find new homes, live new lives.

Take 2.

Once upon a time, there was a single mother.
She did everything she could to be the single greatest mother,
Working full-time with daughter and dog in tow,
With not one bad word to say towards the man she left.
(At least, not in front of her daughter.)
I was convinced my Daddy was the greatest.
I grumbled about going home to mum.
Then Daddy found a new wife, and

Take 2.5.

Once upon a time, there were two step-families.
There was a dad, a step-mum, a mum, a step-dad

More bin bags.

Take 3.

Once upon a time, there were two step-families.
There was a dad, a step-mum, a mum, a step-dad, 3 step-brothers, and
“You’re going to be a big sister!”
It wasn’t like they advertised in Cinderella.
Step-mum was too cool to be wicked, and when the twin half-brothers arrived,
Well, they weren’t ugly, but they sure did dribble a lot.
Never mind.
Take 3 was pretty good. Third time lucky and “that’s a wrap!”
Didn’t think much of step-dad number 2, but no-one compares to Daddy.

The comforting glow of energy returned.
Don’t you just love the sound of a crackling fire?
Just make sure you’ve got enough kindling, otherwise-

Take 4.

Daddy didn’t take care of the fire.
Spitting embers scald our skin and we jump in shock.
What happened to the fire guard?
The flames die out.
Confused eyes gaze at the black ash that stains the carpet.

Another mother has to be brave.

Who will be the greatest now?


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