Virtually Mad

You know what really riles me up?
It’s when I get ignored.
I’ve had to repeat this three times now,
And I’m starting to get bored.

I can feel my voice is rising,
So I’m sure that you can hear,
And yet you’re not responding.

I was asking for something simple –
Can you please turn my music down?
But no, you’re refusing to listen,
And you’re making me look like a clown.

If my neighbours can hear, they’ll think I’m mad.
‘Cause the thing is, I live on my own.
But that won’t stop me from falling out
With this blasted “Google Home”.

I gave it a man’s voice to start with,
As I thought I’d enjoy what he said,
But what a surprise – he’s useless.

I should just ask Alexa instead.

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