Love in the Time of Corona

There’s nothing like a casual plague
To put things in perspective.
When choosing a quarantine partner it’s clear…
Some people wish that they’d been more selective.

Whether you’re morbidly single like me,
Or completely bound and invested,
During this lockdown I’m sure you’ll agree,
Your relationship status was tested.

In sanity and in hugs I fell short
And at times it felt pretty pants,
But at least I always had solid support
From my growing collection of plants.

And though my plants can be subdued,
And difficult to embrace,
At least they don’t eat all my food
Or invade my home workspace.

Of course I’d consider changing my ways
If a man blew in from the west,
But he’d have to stay 2 metres away
Til he’d passed all my rigorous tests.

I’m in no rush to be a wife,
So for now it’s the plant-mum persona.
It might not be an ideal life
But that’s love, in the time of the ‘rona.

Girl reading the book "The Secret Garden" to her flowers and plants.
Story time with Jurassic Jeremy & Friends

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