Finding the One

How to find the perfect match?
It’s easier said than done.
I’ve spent a long time searching
But I just can’t find the one.

They say that there are many frogs
Before you find your prince,
But some of the options I’ve tried so far
Have genuinely made me wince.

So many things look gorgeous
When you’re viewing them online,
Then when you see them in the flesh
They’re a completely different design!

Some people say I’m too picky,
But so what if my taste is refined?
When I picture what I’m looking for,
I’ve got something specific in mind.

I’m waiting for the wow factor
Attractive, powerful, bold…
Only when all of those boxes are ticked,
Will I finally say that I’m sold.

So though I confess that admittedly yes,
The choices before me are ample,
You can see why I struggle with finding “the one”;
The ultimate wallpaper sample.

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